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Sci-Fi Storm

This week’s SFFSat post jumps forward from last week’s by a few minutes. With his father’s words refusing to leave his mind in peace, Kai’s frustration has erupted into rage, causing him to twist his hover-bike off the road; however, he was piloting over an extremely high bridge over extremely stormy waters at the time…

The fall sucked the air from Kai’s lungs as he plunged wide-eyed towards the icy sea. He heaved at the bike to stop it from tipping over; coursing blood scoured beneath the scars on his left arm.

The deep was hungry for him; Kai held his breath — and closed his eyes.

                      breezes brush him into sight through urgent flowing gold

His heart thrust back; his eyes flashed open — and staring into the grey maw of annihilation, Kai squeezed hard at the throttle, heaved at the bike, pulled himself level with the water and sped free along the surface, erupting hysterically into laughter.

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Sci-Fi Moods

Following on from last week’s harrowing snippet, we are now with Kai a few years later — as a young man. He is still living with his father. He is still wracked by the grief — and guilt — of losing his mother. And he is now completely mute.

After an argument with his father — well, as much of an argument as one can have without speaking — Kai storms out the house and speeds away.

Scowling, Kai tore away from the house on his hover-bike. The display panel in front of him showed the image of his father receding rapidly behind him; with his father’s pleas still echoing within the rushing wind, Kai reluctantly prodded the panel — a transparent globe of energy fizzled in around him, silencing the rush at once. Within the safety of the sphere, there was only the dim whine of the bike — and his fierce breathing — as he sped along the silent, snaking country road, branches flicking futilely at him from the tree-lined banks. 

He pushed on, the insipid, insistent ignorance of his father unresolved. Darting here, swerving there, he hurtled ahead in a shielded semblance of danger; until, that is, nearing the end of the road, still shaking his head at his father’s words, he struck defiantly back at the panel — the shield hissed away and the deafening rush of wind smacked back into him.

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Sci-fi formation

It’s SFFSat time again, and here is my third entry 

Kai is still a boy. A formative moment. The most dreadful imaginable. The loss of his mother.

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The screen went black.

Then a horrifying scream inside the deafening sound of metal slaughtering metal filled the void — Kai’s mother screamed her son’s name over and over and…

The link severed.

Kai and his father hovered in the sudden silence; his father dared hardly mutter her name —

“Amíra? Amíra?!”


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Sci-Fi Origins

Following on from my first SFFS post last week, here is the beginning of Kai’s story in prose. Poetic prose. Fancy, like!

We meet Kai as a boy, his personality forming, his obsessions clear. And the final line hints at what is to come — visions, which will shape Kai’s quest, his fate…his life.

Great to be part of Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday again — support the cause and read the other great writers here!



Light all but engulfed his eyes as he stared into the star — the star at the centre of his galaxy, in the centre of his room — as holographic illumination spread out infinite threads of stellar sheen and glistened off his gaze.

This space, his space, was not unlike that of a trillion countless ones like him in a trillion countless galaxies. His room did nothing to hide an overwhelming fascination for this universe and its immeasurable inconsistencies, which were, at this age, simply enchanting — a fascination that could not be contained in one boy’s mind, instead spilling out into the room: holographic astronomical images, spaceships floating on threads, a telescope by the window.

Without a thought of how or why, the boy gleefully fished around inside the galaxy with his left hand, grasping nimbly at stars, moving them around and altering the gravity of vast virtual regions of space before him. Elated, the sparkle of starlight in his dark eyes, the boy watched on as though observing his own actions from a height…

                          long limbs of light unfold from leaves to slender shining hands outstretched


Starting Sci-Fi Six

Hi all! Happy to be part of the six-sentence thing at last! I thought for a while about what my first post should be then realised, of course, that I should begin at the beginning.

These six lines, while perhaps not being sentences in the strictest sense, are nonetheless the starting point for the story of my protagonist — Kai. This opening stanza of the “Elucian Epic” sets up the poetic prose to follow, not to mention the fantasy-that-would-be-scifi genre.

Please read all the other SFFS authors here, and this Sunday, after a month of absence due to well-foreseen circumstances, Kai returns to http://whoiskai.com!

One ripped from barren womb wept tears of light, 

One saw how nascent time would end her sight,

One yearned for signs beyond quotidian grey,

One tore herself in two to find a Way,

One shaped in mirrored hues could ease her plight,

One silent soul to breathe and bear the Light.

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